Kat & Tom

Good Morning, 

Thank you very much for providing us with hardwood for next year’s burn. You are a man of your word; that means a lot.

You recognize the value of, and provide excellent customer service, from inception of the project to this point. More so, it is part of your integrity and that’s what made you a pleasure to deal with. Being on site, it’s clear that you have respect of your men, and you manage to roll the trades down to a science to keep your builds’ on track. As a project manager myself, I know how hard it is to manage the needs of the business as well as the needs of clients simultaneously, trying to keep “the peace” is no easy task. Congratulations, you do it really well.

As mentioned previously, we are very happy with our home.

Josh, your company offers a good quality product while making it easy for your clients to custom build. In fact, we have recommended several people your way and will continue to do so in the future because we believe in it. What you state on your website about the building specs, quality of product, and trades, is true (we know, we were checking lol). You run your company like a well oiled machine, well done! If ever you require references, we would be happy to do so.

BTW, whatever you are paying Jeff, it is not enough- he possess those hard to find qualities in employees that benefits the company owners. 

Thanks again for everything, and we look forward to seeing you and the crew, soon.


Tom & Kat

Jackson Homes Golf Tournament

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Meghan Lepine Carleton Place and District Youth Centre

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Jeff Maguire The Carleton Place Sister City Committee

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Stephen Lund Lanark
Good Morning,

It has been a month or so and I wanted to follow-up on our promise of a letter of customer feedback on our experience with Jackson Homes Inc and your work brokering the opportunity for us to build a fantastic home in Lanark County. First off, I found it hard to believe we could have built so close to the price we were looking to move into someone else’s home. Your ability to not only see the opportunity to make a customer happy but to actually follow-through so well, on the promise is impressive to me even now. JacksonHomes has a quality formula in providing sound quality homes, in a reliable and time accurate delivery. When you speculated the delivery date, without question, the order was delivered on the date, complete and with a great product. The design of the homes, the wood foundation, the quality of the service providers and contractors you employ, shows in the walls, floor and ceilings of our new home. Jackson Homes has shown pride in their name and their results. Based on this experience, I would have no issues in forwarding customers to Jackson Homes as a great choice of building options in the area.

A great job and thanks to all involved!


Jane and Carl O'Brien 429 Roger Rd., Lanark

Jackson Homes,

Custom Home Builder Carleton Place,ON

Attention: Josh Jackson

Dear Josh,

We have no lived in our new home for over 3 months and we wanted to let you know how pleased we are with our new home. From our first meeting to the final walk through, you made yourself available to meet us at our building lot to discuss placement of the house and barn and to answer our questions. You made sure that the appointments were set up to meet with the kitchen designer, Rona to pick out our choices for the interior and exterior as well as the sub-contractors. You managed to do all this and meet our deadline for the move-in date.

Jeff, Brody, Travis and Tom worked on our house, they were great to deal with, answering the day to day questions that arise during a build. We realized that our house was somewhat different from your normal builds as we owned the land and were on site everyday doing fencing.

We had a vision of what our house (farm) would look like and you helped make that a dream come true.

Thank you Josh, it was a pleasure dealing with you and we will refer you to others.

Yours truly,


Catherine Tremblay Ford Rd., Gillies Corners


We’re thrilled with our Jackson Home.  We made revisions to the main floor plan and Josh took great care to ensure the walls which are free-standing in our library were well secured in the basement.  No cracks in plaster near them.  We also were told that the lower level shutters couldn’t be affixed because the grade of the ground was high, well after two years, everything settled and I contacted Josh and he came through with the three sets of shutters which were to be provided as part of the home exterior package.  I was sceptical that he would provide them, but lo and behold, within two weeks, they were hand delivered by Rona staff, at no charge to us.

We’re just thrilled with the home.  The wood foundation will allow us to create a walk-out from the basement on the side of the house, something I’ve seen in another high ranch home.  The floor plans lend themselves well to modifications and all requested were quickly passed to the architect who amended the main plans for our approval.

All round, a wonderful transaction, and four months from the time the papers were signed to the day we took possession.  Can’t get that from Minto!

Thanks again, and best of the new year to you and yours,


Derek Pennell & Brooke Halliday

Jackson Homes Inc.

Attn: Josh

We, as most people are, were somewhat apprehensive about the whole new home construction process, as opposed to buying a pre existing home.

Josh Jackson and his team at Jackson homes were an absolute pleasure to work with, in the construction of our new home. From our initial meeting with Josh, to the planning and development stages and throughout the building process in its entirety.

We first met with Josh, in March 2012 at one of his model homes. From the beginning, Josh made us feel very comfortable with his warm and friendly demeanour. He was polite and forthcoming and was able to answer all of our questions and concerns, letting us know from the beginning we were indeed making the right choice, not only to build but also with the builder we had chosen.

We elected to construct a custom home with many features and upgrades. Throughout the process, Josh was always there when we had a question regarding all and anything pertaining to our new home. We visited our new home often throughout the construction process, and we always greeted warmly by the Jackson Homes team. They went above and beyond the call of duty on many occasions, taking the time to explain the process, to us the layman. We were made to feel, from the very beginning that the house they were building was already our home, and they took the pride and care in making us feel just that.

It was an absolute pleasure to work with a team of professionals, who take care in what they are doing. They are not just building houses, they are building homes, and they are building family. Did I mention we even got engaged during the process, in our half constructed home! A spray painted proposal lays forever on our sub-floor, as do Josh and his team in our hearts for making all of our dreams a reality.

Thank you Josh Jackson, and all of the team at Jackson Homes. We could not be happier!



Brooke Guthrie-Atchison


Over the past 4 years my family has had the privilege of owning two of your homes. Since day one when we decided to build we felt comfortable dealing with Josh. You helped us find land and we were able to build within our budget each time. Throughout the building process you were always available to answer any questions that we had. You always had time for us. Modifications and upgrades were made with ease. Appointments made to pick out paint colours and our kitchen was always accommodated to our work schedule. As first time home owners we thought that it was going to be a stressful process but you made the experience wonderful and we thank you for that. You were very professional and polite during all of our meetings. A selling feature for us was your Air exchange system that you provide in your homes. With one of our children having chronic asthma this brought peace of mind and reduced his seasonal reactions. We were very pleased with the outcome of each of our houses and have enjoyed raising our children in a well built and comfortable home. We will refer your company in the future to other individuals looking to build or renovate their home.

Thanks again,